What is PaceCoach?

PaceCoach optimizes your songs to match your running cadence and keep you on pace. Create a customized playlist of any songs you want, set your desired tempo, and PaceCoach will automatically adjust the tempo of your music to match your pace. Import your Spotify playlists or simply use your own local music. PaceCoach can change the tempo without changing the pitch, so the song is exactly as the artist record it, only now at a tempo that you can run to comfortably!

Optimize your Playlists

PaceCoach will work with any song in any genre, regardless of the original tempo. Are you a sucker for love songs? Let us turn those 90s slow-dance songs into power ballads perfect for a long jog. Is heavy metal more your thing? PaceCoach will get your head banging and your feet moving at precisely the right tempo.

Stream Your Music

PaceCoach is the only app of its kind to integrate seamlessly with Spotify. Simply log into PaceCoach with your Spotify Premium account and you will have instant access to all of your saved Spotify playlists as well as any other of Spotify’s 30,000,000 songs.

Need help creating a playlist? Click the “Recommended For Me” button on the playlist creation page and we will give you 100 song suggestions based exclusively on your individual taste and preferences.

Make Running Fun

If you’re thinking that PaceCoach was created by a bunch of ultramarathoners, you couldn’t be more mistaken. We made PaceCoach because, for the first time in our lives, running is actually enjoyable! After running with PaceCoach to the perfect tempo of our favorite songs, we have no idea how in the world people are able to run without it.

Completely Free

We just want you to get out and start running

Your Playlists in the Cloud

We know how much thought and time goes into crafting your favorite playlists. That is why we automatically store your playlists in the cloud so that you will always have access to them whenever and wherever you choose to run. We’ve also made it easy to import your existing Spotify playlists to sync with your PaceCoach account.

No Annoying Ads

Nothing throws off your groove more than unwanted advertisements in the middle of a run. We believe so strongly in a superior user experience that PaceCoach offers everyone full access to all features completely ad-free!

24/7 Support

Have questions about downloading or using PaceCoach? Or maybe you just want to let us know how much you love running with PaceCoach! We are available by email 24/7. Simply email support@pacecoach.com or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and someone from our team will respond to you as soon as possible.


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